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Intel Corporation

The company uses several types of assurances discussed in this module. Intel is a United States technology company that manufactures semiconductor chips.

Click to view Intel’s assurance statement to ensure not only credibility in its reporting but also improvement in its performance and then answer the following questions:

1. Starting on the left hand side under Report Scope and Profile, can you determine if Intel used a reporting guideline to prepare its report?

2. To which level is the report prepared and what does the level mean?

3. What is the scope of the report? Are any of Intel’s operations excluded from the report?

4. Did Intel use any specific guidelines for reporting certain indicators?

5. Now, on the right side under Approach to Report Assurance, can you determine if Intel uses internal controls?

6. a) Question: Did Intel have any internal audits performed?

6. b) Question: Did Intel have any external audits performed?

7. Did Intel’s assurance include any third party commentaries?