What Companies Say…

…about Achievability

“For us, we have a HSC and social responsibility committee on the board and we present an annual report to that committee. The members review that report and then give their approval, so we have a very high level of corporate governance over our sustainability reports.”

“We had board member call and say ‘I have a question about an indicator, and I want to talk to you about it.’ Our vice president talked to him about some of the numbers that we had, what we are reporting, and why. We report five times a year and my group also reports up to our audit committee, and the board is very interested in what we are publishing.”

“There were a couple of comments from board members, and some questions about the numbers. Then they told us: ‘This is what we would like to see.’ They are very much engaged in the reporting process.”

– Quotes from Reporting Companies

…about Targets

“Having goals and targets and benchmarking ourselves against that is going to push us and other companies along that path.”

“What I liked about the GRI G3 process was the introduction of targets, objectives and goals–that is going be a really good challenge for us.”

“We want to engage further with selected stakeholders and get their opinion with respect to the way we set the targets and objectives for example from our vision.”

– Quotes from Reporting Companies