What Companies Say…

…about Continuous Improvement

“Because our systems are pretty well developed, the quality of reporting is much higher. We are much more accurate now than we were about our impacts in the beginning.”

“We want to be a lot more transparent about our performance. Having eight pages in our annual report was just not enough.”

“I have a five-year strategy that I have put in place. Over the next five years we will make increases in the number of indicators that we report on.”

– Quotes from Reporting Companies

…about Linking Indicators to Policies

These quotes explain how companies rely on their policies as the beginning step for preparing a sustainability report but also continually assess whether their policies are sufficiently challenging.

“Yes, we have aboriginal affairs policy. We have a stakeholders’ relations policy, and we derive our indicators based on what we say in those policies.”

“As well as reporting on our policy, we need to challenge our policy, our objectives, our targets – all of that—to determine if they are in the right place.”

– Quotes from Reporting Companies