In 2010 The Walt Disney Company (Disney), an entertainment company based in the US, produced its first sustainability report titled Corporate Citizenship Report. It was selected by a voting process governed by CRRA (Corporate Register Reporting Awards) as one of the “best first time reports.” Voting is open to all signed users of, but employees from a company whose report is being considered for an award cannot vote for their own company. The Walt Disney Company’s report is attached. Click on the image to view.

The membership of CRRA consists of the following categories of stakeholders:

  • academics;
  • corporate reporting professionals;
  • consultants;
  • government, authorities, and agencies;
  • investors and analysts;
  • media and journalists;
  • NGOs and charities;
  • support services; and
  • students.

Using the Table of Contents, GRI Index, and search engines, see if you can easily find the answers to the following questions:

1. Disney’s profile is defined through five business segments and eight key themes that the report addresses.

a) Name the five business segments and eight key themes.

b) Briefly explain why the company’s profile is important and where it is usually located.

2. Do you think that Disney has the right corporate governance structure and does the corporate governance structure explain, in part, Disney’s management approach?

3. How and for what purposes does Disney engage stakeholders?

4. Does Disney provide a highlights section or a quick overview of the report?

5. Does Disney set goals and targets and report on progress on the environment theme? For which areas has Disney made good progress and for which areas is Disney challenged?

6. How does Disney interpret and measure the social aspect of sustainability for its employees?

7. Has any of Disney’s performance been audited or has the report been assured?