Stakeholder Engagement

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This section is usually not found in financial reports, as the primary stakeholder is the shareholder. However, information about investor relations is often found near the end of the report on the inside back cover. Stakeholder engagement will explain the extent that organizations normally connect with their stakeholders to determine what is important to them regarding both environmental and social aspects of performance and reporting.

What Happens in Practice?

ArcelorMittal Corporation, an global steel company based in Luxembourg, provides a stakeholder map that identifies issues of interest and ways of engaging stakeholders. Click here to view.

Teck, a mining company based in Canada, reports nine specific areas in which the company and indigenous peoples can work together. Teck also shows the results of its activities regarding employment and contracting with indigenous peoples. Click here to view.

Fast Facts

How many companies engage with their stakeholders?

Based on a sample of nearly 500 of the largest corporations in the world, stakeholder engagement is an important feature in sustainability reports:

  • 97 percent used methods to engage stakeholders;
  • 88 percent identified their stakeholder groups;
  • 59 percent discussed specific outcomes of stakeholder engagement.

– Source: CSR Trends 2010


Look for stakeholder input:

  • informally during the reporting process; or
  • formally after the report is complete.

Some companies use stakeholder panels to provide third party commentary on performance.

(See the Assurance module for more detail.)