Recognitions and Awards

Financial Report Sustainability Report
Although not frequently found in financial annual reports, rewards or recognitions that the company has received are usually located on the inside of the back cover.

To encourage organizations to improve their sustainability performance and reporting, various non-profit organizations and trade associations will assess both an organization’s reporting and its performance and grant recognition for best practices.

Most organizations provide these recognitions on the inside back cover.  They are proud of their accomplishments but do not want to lead readers to believe that they are only reporting accomplishments and not challenges or weaknesses.

What Happens in Practice?

Bombardier, a Canadian manufacturer of state-of-the-art planes and trains, has received many awards and recognitions and lists them on its dedicated CSR website. Click here to view.
CR Reporting, an organization that recognizes global reporters and reporting trends, indicates winning characteristics of reports. Click here to view.

Readers should be aware of any recognitions that the organization has received. Awards can represent either of the following:

  • high quality of sustainability performance; or
  • high quality of sustainability reporting.

However, ensure that that the organization has reported both its accomplishments and its weaknesses.

(See the Credibility Module for more detail.)