Letter from Top Management

Financial Report Sustainability Report

This letter is usually directed primarily to the shareholders, but sometimes to the stakeholders. The letter points out major financial accomplishments and challenges, past and future. It explains the strategy for the future.

This letter is directed to a diverse group of stakeholders. The content of the letter is similar; however, the emphasis is on environmental and social accomplishments and challenges and less on the economic dimension.

What Happens in Practice?

BT, a communication services company, provides an overview of both environmental and social challenges, accomplishments, and future plans in its message from the Chair of the Board and the CEO. Click here to view.

Coca-Cola, a multi-national beverage company, addresses its letter to its stakeholders. The letter discusses the company’s environmental and social focus, future plans and goals, and other information about strategy, goals, progress, and areas for improvement that can be found in the report. Click here to view.
Fast Facts

How many companies provide a sustainability strategy?

Based on the world’s 100 top revenue-producing companies, the availability of a publicly available corporate responsibility strategy depends on the type of ownership:

  • 0 percent if owned by foundations
  • 75 percent if co-operatives
  • 50 percent if family owned/owned by management
  • 53 percent if state/country owned company
  • 70 percent if listed on a stock exchange

– Source: KPMG International Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2008


“Best practice” organizations provide information about plans for the future. Initiatives with targeted implementation dates and clear targeted results show continuous improvement.

(See the Performance and Credibility Modules for more detail.)