Financial Report Sustainability Report

For readers wanting a quick overview of the organization’s performance, graphs and charts will show a trend (usually 3-5 years) of key financial indicators.

Organizations will attempt to choose key environmental, social, and economic indicators that provide an overview of sustainability performance. Indicators usually show a 3-5 year trend.

Often, a short summary of accomplishments and challenges is provided in narrative form.

What Happens in Practice?

First Group, a tour company, provides its highlights at the front of its report. Click here to view.
P&G, a consumer products company provides an overview of its report in several categories:

  • Programs: Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Enablers: Employees and Stakeholders
  • 2020 Sustainability Goals: Products, Operations, and Social Responsibility
  • Report Card and 2012 Sustainability Goals

Click here to view.

Fast Facts

How many companies provide highlights?

Based on a sample of nearly 500 of the largest corporations in the world, highlights are a common feature in sustainability reports.

55 percent provided summary tables and graphs

– Source: CSR Trends 2010


Take caution! Sometimes organizations want to show their best side first and will place the best performance in the highlights, keeping the worst performance for later in the report.

(See the Credibility module for more detail.)