The Benefits

Why Report?

Many benefits arise from sustainability reporting. External stakeholders are provided an accounting of the organization’s performance. Initially, many organizations hesitate to prepare reports because they feel the process is costly and few benefits are received.

Some of the benefits are difficult to quantify. Therefore, organizations tend to give them lesser importance. However, once organizations prepare their first report they usually continue to report periodically. They find the information immensely useful to employees at all levels from a managerial and operational standpoint. The illustration below shows some of these benefits.

– Source: Responsibility Matters Inc.

Not all organizations will experience the same level of benefits from sustainability reporting. For an organization to experiences the return of benefits requires investment. The Dow Jones Sustainability index sums up the benefits in this way:

“Corporate sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks …. to harness the market’s potential for sustainable products and services while at the same time successfully reducing and avoiding sustainability costs and risks.”

Dow Jones Sustainability Index