Accidental Errors

Why do organizations make accidental errors?

  • They sometimes present inaccurate data due to human error, inexperience, carelessness, or worker fatigue or a change in the method of recording information.
    • human error;
    • inexperiences;
    • carelessness;
    • worker fatigue; or
    • a change in the method of recording information.

    Example: A company reported recently that its carbon footprint calculation as reported in its previous year’s report had to be restated for publication in the current year’s report due to changes in the factors used for the calculations.

  • They sometimes present imprecise data due to oversight (e.g. combining data collected in different units).
  • Example: Requirements for reporting the size and volume of spills that contaminate the soil often are inconsistent from one geographical jurisdiction of operations to another. Readers may not be aware of these differences or companies may accidental add spills of different sizes.